How To Sell House And Rent In Retirement

Selling your house to rent another after retirement is a big decision. You’ll be moving from the phase of a homeowner to the phase of a tenant within a short time and it can be difficult to adapt easily. 

Selling your home to rent another one isn’t such a bad idea after all. It all depends on your circumstances but you should also consider other factors before concluding. Is your choice good for lifestyle and finances? Or would it be a burden for you? These are things you should consider before selling your house to rent another. 

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Is Selling Your House and Renting After Retirement a Good Idea?

Homeownership isn’t always the big flex it has been pictured to be. Especially when you’re old and retired and you no longer need a big house with a big backyard. Your kids would have moved out a long time and you’d be left alone with your spouse in a big house.

After retirement, you’d realize that you just want to enjoy every little moment and not stress over issues that come with being a house owner. If you’re still confused about selling your house to rent a house after retirement, make your choice after considering these factors:

  • Your financial situation and tax circumstances 
  • Your lifestyle values and preferences
  • Your current family structure and living situations
  • Your hobbies, habits, and skill sets

How to sell your house and rent after 

If you’re wondering whether to sell your home or rent after retirement, that’ll be determined by whether you should use your home equity and how much you have at hand. Selling your house to rent after retirement means you can sell your house and avoid paying housing-related expenses, taxes, home insurance, maintenance costs, etc. 

You can leverage tax breaks provided you’ve lived in your house for two years out of the past five years. You’ll be able to save up to $250,000 of the profit from the house sale if you’re single and $500,000 if you’re married.

If you’re planning to sell your house and rent another after retirement, then target when the market is most favorable to sell. The profit you make from selling your home can help you delay starting social security until you approach 70. 

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If you think it’s better to rent a home after retirement than owning a home, then you should start working towards achieving this aim. This is a big decision to make so you should take your time to decide. But when deciding, consider what is more profitable based on your home equity and lifestyle plans. 

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