Myths About Selling to San Antonio Home Buyers You Should Forget


Reality TV has popularized the home flipping industry while the proliferation of “We Buy Houses” posters and signs along the San Antonio roads have made people a bit skeptical of real estate investors.

However, the reality is that San Antonio real estate investors also known as San Antonio home buyers mean business and can buy your home and close the deal in as few as 2 weeks.

Here Are the 7 Myths about San Antonio Home Buyers Debunked

  1. Home Buyers Don’t Offer Good Prices

    Home buyers operate for-profit businesses but it does not mean that they treat clients unfairly. Reputable San Antonio real estate investors offer fair prices based on the condition of the houses. They also make cash payments and buy property as-is, which makes the process relatively quick.

  2. Home Buyers Require Homeowners to First Make Repairs

    This is just false. San Antonio real estate investors buy property as-is, which means no repairs, no appraisals, and no inspections. While it is true that they mostly target houses in need of repairs, they usually do this to profit.

  3. Negotiations with Home Buyers Take Forever

    The reality is that experienced and reputable home buyers love to negotiate quickly since it supports their business objectives. This means that they are likely to make a competitive offer right from the start. Negotiations do take place sometimes but it is never a lengthy process.

  4. Working with Home Buyers Is Slower Than Working with Realtors

    On the open market, a sale requires marketing the property and waiting for buyers to show up. Traditional buyers may have requests and contingencies not present with a sale to a home buying company. Selling to a real estate investor is much faster. You work directly with the company and the transaction is settled in cash with the property sold as-is.

  5. Home Buyers Are Con Artists

    The truth is that most of the San Antonio home buying companies are completely ethical in their dealings. Obviously, as with any industry, you will find a few not acting as they should. Before you work with a particular investor, you need to take time and research their background. Check the reputation of the business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and check the company’s website. You should also consider checking the review websites to find out what others have to say about the company.

  6. Selling to Real Estate Investors Involves Hidden Commissions and Fees

    San Antonio home buying companies usually buy direct and no middle-men are involved in the sale. Working with a traditional real estate agent involves paying fees. However, when real estate investors buy a property directly, no real estate agents are involved. This means that you never have to pay a commission. Real estate investors only make a fair offer based on what they feel your property is worth.

  7. Real Estate Investors Only Buy Ugly Homes/Perfect Homes

    The great thing about real estate investors is that they buy homes in any condition. This myth has become so widespread because some real estate investors aggressively market their business using terms as “We Buy Ugly Houses” or “We Buy Houses”. They can buy houses in any condition although they have a preference for those that require some repairs since they are able to make them at lower cost and make a profit.

    Final Thoughts

    San Antonio home buyers understand the importance of reputation. If clients have a good experience working with them, they are likely to recommend the home buying companies to their friends and family should they ever need to sell their property fast.

    If you have a San Antonio home that you would like to sell, you must not allow these 7 myths to hold you back from trying this form of sale. It might just surprise you. Cash Home Buyers San Antonio provides a reliable alternative to traditional home selling.

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